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5-7 year olds (Key Stage One)

Learning material is aimed at 5-7 year olds (Key Stage One). Learning material will be supported by The Danger Squad cartoon characters and Scarlett the Sniffer Dog.

D- Disastrous Daniel
A - Accidental Aisha
N - Naughty Nicola
G - George the Genius
E - Edward the Expert
R - Ruby the Ready

Scarlet the Sniffer Dog Spaniel


'Master the disaster'

Emergency Understanding and Awareness

We aim to provide the children with an understanding of what an emergency is and the various different types of emergency - From lost child to weapon awareness to natural disasters to medical emergencies and how to categorise these.

Learning methods:
Class discussion, PowerPoint, interactive game and worksheet with images + tick boxes

'Be Ready like Ruby'

Emergency Preparedness

This section teaches awareness, preparedness in an emergency situation. During this, we speak on the contents of a basic emergency kit and the importance of one, contact cards and family plans.

Learning methods:
Discussion, Group Work, PowerPoint, Mock Form Filling, Family plan templates

'Be a Genius like George'

Emergency Response

Here we teach identification and demonstration of safe steps to use to respond in an emergency situation, different emergency services and methods of contact. How to differentiate between strangers, safe people, safe signs and safe places. We lastly play the hugely popular Yes or No - Red Flag Green Flag game - What To Do V What Not To do!

Learning Methods:
Class discussion, PowerPoint, worksheets (Class and Home), handheld flags for games

Edward the Expert says Did you Know...

Testing general level of understanding across the learners

A Pop up of 10 true and false Fun fact statements about emergencies - for an interactive 10-12 minute session.

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Squad Graduation

On completion learners receive a Danger Squad Power Pack including:

• Certificate
• Danger Squad Badge
• Danger Squad Stickers
• Various Handouts
• Contact Card
• Squaddie Pencil
• Family Plan template
• Emergency Kit To-Pack list
• Plasters
• Danger Squad Reading Book

There are a series of 10 reading books to accompany the lesson plan. Books are included in the power packs for learners and are also available to buy separately or as a bundle.

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