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School to School Promo Offer


If we visit your school and you refer us to another school, you will receive a FREE set of Danger Squad Easy-Readers and the nominated school will get £100 OFF their total course price!

All Squaddies Receive:
• Stickers
• Spy Pencil
• Mission Board
• Worksheets & Puzzles
• Graduation Pack
• Certificate
• Squad Merchandise
• Superhero Plasters
• FREE Danger Squad Easy-Reader Book!

Option A

Per Squaddie

(20-45 Squaddies)

Per Squaddie

(46-60 Squaddies)

Per Squaddie

(61+ Squaddies)

Option B

Schools can buy the course from us for £399 & a one off 'Train the Trainer' fee of £99 where we come & teach you how to teach the course.

This option would mean schools can break down the course over PHSE lessons & spend longer time on each subject. With this deal we throw in 2 free worksheets a month ongoing and materials for lessons.

Merchandise can be purchased as to individual schools requirements this way too.

There will be up to 6 add on's each year available - i.e. New Content for the course - schools can buy this optionally at £50 per module.

This way schools get to use the course their way, integrate it into normal lessons & get ongoing materials & support.

Promotions: School to school referrals will receive £100 discount please see the promo offer flyer attached for more info.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Books are £2.99 and available to buy from us now

Q: How long do sessions last? 

2 1/4 hours including a 10 minute break - AM or PM delivery.


Q: What will our Learners be taught?  

Squaddies are taught Emergency Understanding, Awareness, Preparedness and Response covering a wide range of current and relevant Emergency Scenarios.


Q: What is the maximum number of Children per session?  

The maximum is 60 Squaddies per session, however, we can facilitate multiple sessions if required!


Q: Do you cover the whole of the UK?  

Yes we do! The Danger Squad can travel anywhere to you!

Travel and accommodation may be charged where necessary at basic standard rate. Receipts will be provided.


Q: What age children is The Danger Squad suitable for?  

The Danger Squad is aimed at KS1 Learners (age 5-7), but 8-9 year olds have really enjoyed it too!

The course will be upskilled and available to KS2 / KS3 / Parent Groups by December 2017!


Q: I am concerned that my child may find this course scary and frightening!  

Don't be scared! The Danger Squad are not here to frighten any children, but to give them a gentle introduction and awareness of things that could be going on around them! We are about giving children easy-to-remember Safe Steps just in case and we deliver them in a fun way, with the help of our Danger Squad characters! Children leave our classes excited, full of facts and are going home to teach their families Safe Steps at home!


Q: I've never heard of The Danger Squad, who are they?  

We are a new programme for school children and a series of short Easy-Reader books.

We have six characters - each with a different personality - and our sniffer dog to tackle the problem head-on using situations based on potential dangers.

Without using shock tactics, it teaches students not to shy away from situations and ranges from car accidents to fires to finding weapons and lets children know the safe people and safe places to go to.

Check out our Recommendations and Reviews page on our website!


Q: How do I buy the Easy-Reader books and how much are they?  

All The Danger Squad Easy-Readers will be available to the public from 3rd July 2017. They cost £2.99 each!


Q: I would like more information regarding Learning Methods used in the Course Delivery  

No problem! The Danger Squad likes learning that is fun! We encourage a noisy, interactive classroom and are always keen to hear our Squaddies opinions and thoughts!

Our course is delivered using a plethora of methods - Classroom Discussion, Interactive Power-Point, In-Class Worksheets, Mock Form Filling, Group Work, Practical Demonstrations and of course, our infamous Red Flag Green Flag game!

Squaddies absolutely love the Red Flag Green Flag game - Safe or Dangerous - they tell us!

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