The Danger Squad

Disastrous Daniel

Disastrous Daniel is always causing emergencies by trying to helpful!

The other day he forgot to turn the tap off and he flooded his Mummy's kitchen!


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Accidental Aisha

Accidental Aisha is very happy and enjoys dancing with her friends.

Unfortunately, Aisha is also very clumsy and is always   having accidents.

Last week she set off all the Fire Alarms' at school because   she pressed the wrong button!! Ooops!!

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Naughty Nicky

Nicky is quite cheeky and always getting into trouble because she doesn't like listening to grown-ups!...

She loves football and music and always has her headphones on.

Last month Naughty Nicky smashed her Grandad's greenhouse windows because she was kicking her ball so far and high!!

Poor Grandad had to go the hospital and have six stiches!

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George The Genius

George is a smart cookie, a computer genius and is always ready to learn new things.

George knows all his emergency signs, safe places and safe people.

If you are in danger, he will always come and help you.

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Edward The Expert

Edward is an Emergency Expert. He knows all the facts and enjoys quiz games because he always wins! Edward reads a lot of books and always watches the TV News....

If there is an Emergency in another country, Edward is so clever the Emergency Services often ask him to help them. He has been to India, Africa, France, Spain and Jamaica.

Lucky Edward!

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Ruby The Ready

Ruby is very shy, her best friend is Scarlett, her Sniffer-Dog.

Ruby is very organised and always has a bag with everything needed in an emergency!...

When she grows up, Ruby wants to be a nurse.

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Scarlett Sniffer Dog

Scarlett is Ruby's dog. She has lived with Ruby since she was a puppy.

Scarlett is a spaniel and she is a 'working-dog'.

Spaniel dogs have one of the best dog noses for smelling  things that are hidden. They often work for the Police or at places like Airports where people get searched.

Have you ever seen a sniffer-dog sniffing anyone anywhere?

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